Søndag i København

Ich habe mich mal auf die Suche nach anderen Blogs zum Thema Kopenhagen bei WordPress gemacht und bin auf diesen Post gestoßen. Da sind definitiv ein paar Dinge dabei, die ich auch noch ausprobieren möchte 🙂


Here it finally comes. My brief guide to Copenhagen, the most liveable city (according to Monocle) and the best city in which I have ever lived in.

In Copenhagen, the best Sunday’s include brunch, museum visit, seaside, cycling and maybe some shopping, for which the city offers a wide variety of amazing places to choose from. There’s almost too much to choose from, but I have tried to select some favorites for you. You may simply try these (check the opening hours and info from the links) or do it like I always do – just take a bike and get lost / follow your instincts. Eventually you will find your own favorite(s).


  • Louisiana. It takes some time and effort to reach this museum of modern art, but Louisiana is definitely worth the travel.
  • DAC – Danish Architecture Centre. For all you (us) architecture / urban planning nerds. + Café with…

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